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(Semi-) Friends Only

Since I've found some sort of strange desire to talk about my crazy life and problems with the internet world, I'm going (semi-)Friends Only. I'll be keeping all my crazy fandom stuff open to the public such as my icons, episode and movie reviews and any banners or music videos I decided to post in the future but all personal life stuff is friends only. :-)

If you wanna friend me, just tell me here and I most likely will friend you back but I'd appreciate it if you can find at least one thing in common with me! ;-)
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OUAT - Regina Mills: The Dark Path

OUAT Icons

Been a while hasn't it? Kind of just took all my fangirling and posting over to Tumblr so that's most of the reason why I've sort of abandoned this place. But seeing as Tumblr sucks when it comes to icon posting, I decided to make my way back here and post these.

More than half of these have been sitting on my computer collecting dust for the past year so I thought I might as well post them with the newer ones. Feel free to snag, use, etc. Just please don't claim as your own.

Once Upon A Time: 72 icons
Mostly Regina & Henry/Regina centric / Some Jefferson, David, Robin/OQ and Jared/Lana

image image image

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Comment, credit, etc. Enjoy!
And if any of you are interested, here is my Tumblr!

OUAT - Regina Mills: The Dark Path

SV, OUAT, Merlin, LOTS

Smallville: 14 icons, 4 Wallpapers
Chlark / Allison Mack / Tom&Allison, Chloe&Davis
Once Upon A Time: 47 icons
Mostly Regina centric / Others include Mary Margret, Emma, Henry / Lana Parrilla
Merlin: 12 icons
Merlin&Morgana / Colin&Katie
Legend Of The Seeker: 11 icons (2x22- Tears)

Total: 84


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x Credit is loved but not necessary
x If you do credit, credit go_clo
x Comment if snagging
x Textless icons are not bases so please do not alter anything
x No hotlinking
x Nominations are love :D
SV - Chloe/Clark: HUGS


Hey all y'all!

Long time no see, I know. Just updating to let you all know that I'm still alive and active....well more like lurking. I apologize for not posting in FOREVER but I want you all to know that I am around in limited doses. I check my friends list every so often and I've tried to update but I just haven't had much to say. My life is either uneventful or too eventful in all the bad ways so I don't always want to talk about it. That isn't to say I haven't had some greatness in my life lately cause I really have! I just don't always feel like it's interesting enough to talk about, you know? And I am usually more inclined to update if I have graphics or fandom related crap to talk about because I feel that stuff is interesting enough to post about. And since Smallville ended, I haven't really had much to talk about in regards to fandom and my muse decided to take a vacation so that is partly my reason for going so quiet.

But now that I've recently gotten into the Once Upon A Time fandom (SO OBSESSED WITH REGINA) and have gotten my muse back, I think it'll be easier to update. So with that said, I will TRYYYYY to update more often. Unfortunately I'm sharing a computer with a house full of people so that may not happen but I shall try anyway.

Definite stuff coming:

I have a graphic post coming up right away so look out for that. I'm currently going through my USB and digging up all the old fanart that has been waiting to be posted for months as well as trying to make more to fill up the post.

I have a Chlark picspam that has been burning a hole in my USB ever since the show ended. I started it almost right after the finale but never finished it cause, like I said, muse went bye bye. But now that I am feeling more motivated, I might start working on it again. It's kind of a big picspam in regards to content (not so much in length) and I am planning on writing a mini fanfic to go with it so that is partly what's hold me back considering the fact that I have very little writing talent and even less of a muse in regards to writing. But the next time inspiration hits, I'll work on it and hopefully get it posted soon!

AAAANNNYYYWAY that is all for now!


Love you all!
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SV - Chloe/Clark: HUGS

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What is this? A graphic post?! Why yes it is! So babydee1 asked me to do the graphics for her Big Bang story 'Agenda' and after reading the summary and the first few chapters, I was immediately inspired to take up the offer. So enjoy the graphics and I hope to see you all read Dee's story when she posts it cause it is amazing so far!


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OUAT - Regina Mills: The Dark Path

Prompt me...

I miss livejournal and I miss photoshop. Have hardly had the time or energy to use either. I just got the urge to do a picspam but I don't know what to do it on. Episode, ship, theme etc. Someone give me something and if it inspires me I'll give it a shot. :)
SV - Chloe/Clark: Broken


Originally posted by xtremeroswellia at Introduction.
This community was created on June 16, 2011, to raise funds to assist super_robyn 's upcoming trip to New York City. For those of you who don't know her, super_robyn just turned 23, and has been battling osteosarcoma since she was diagnosed in 2007. She has been receiving chemotherapy for four years, as well as experimental cancer trials, and has had limb-salvage surgery on her left shoulder. The cancer spread to both lungs. After multiple surgeries over the years to remove the cancerous spots, her doctors decided the best option was to remove her right lung entirely, which was done in December of this 2010.

Five months later, doctors discovered that the cancer has now spread to her remaining lung. Her oncologist informed her that they are nearing the end of treatment options, and that the goal now is to keep her as pain-free for as long as possible.

One of the things that Robyn has always wanted to do is to go to New York City, and she and her sister are planning a trip at the end of July. The goal of this community is to help pay for that trip, much like the Make a Wish Foundation (which Robyn doesn't qualify for since she is over 18), but similar to the methods of help_japan and helpthesouth auctions.

Your mods are: xtremeroswellia , vval , speedstergrl5 and muses_circle .

Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you know Robyn, or just want to leave her some encouragement! :)

If you have questions about the community in general, please ask them here.

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